If you have items to sell Gregg Auctions is here to help

One of our main goals is to expose consigned items to as many perspective bidders as possible. The more interested bidders, the more bids; increasing bids assists in obtaining a higher price. We use various selling platforms to help ensure consigned items reach or exceed market values.

Live Sales- the traditional method of auctioneering. This is what most people think of when you mention auction; perspective buyers bid in person and the auctioneer takes bids until there is only one bidder left bidding.

Pre-Bidding through GreggAuctions.com- most of our auctions offer pre bidding through our web site. This allows bidders to bid before the sale begins and allows items to have bids prior to the start of the live sale. The catalog building for the sale is very important for this process to be successful. Gregg Auctions takes pictures of all items (often many of the same piece and an occasionally video’s) and provides a detailed description of the item to help perspective buyers bid confidently on items while not being physically present to bid.

Simulcast Bidding- often sales through Gregg Auctions will be offered with both live bidders and bidders using the internet. This style of live sale is the most popular auction system we offer. Bidders using the internet bid in real time with an employee of Gregg Auctions bidding on behalf of internet bidders. It is not uncommon for an auction to have as many bidders registered online as there are live bidders.

Timed Online Only Auctions- this portion of Gregg Auctions has seen the largest growth. For equipment sales we have partnered up with www.AutionTime.com which gives consigned equipment huge exposure throughout North America and beyond. This format is well suited for sellers who are liquidating one or a few pieces of equipment. Common consigners for this type of sale are:

  • Business looking to update equipment
    • Liquidate to purchase another piece
  • Selling specialized/unique equipment items to the geographical area
    • Items that have very little interest in geographical location but have true value
  • Liquidations after season or completion of job
    • Growers/construction companies selling after need for individual piece has been met.

The benefits of this format are

  • Sell on your schedule
    • Auctions held every week
    • Sell when the time is right for your operation
  • Equipment can stay at your location
    • Items do not need to be transported to an auction yard
    • Shipment is the responsibility of the buyer
    • Items do not leave your possession until payment is received

Estate Sales/Liquidations- Gregg Auctions does conduct select estate sales, please contact Gregg Auctions directly for inquiries

Benefit Auctions- Gregg Auctions prides itself on being involved in the community and does donate their services to select causes. Click here for a PDF Benefit Application

Other Services

  • Ogranization of transportation of items to and from sale
  • Shipping of sale items
  • Preforming minor maintence/repairs and cleaning of sale items
  • Complete clean out of businesses, farms, and estates
  • Direct/private sales

Gregg Auctions continued success starts with satisfied sellers. If you are interested in selling please contact us.